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Therapeutic focus

Our therapeutic focus is on the needs of the families, couples, and individuals. From the first session, we are in constant motion to provide you the framework to become successful no matter the situation or issues.
Types of Therapies that we use
We provide you the very best in individual therapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, substance use, medication-assisted treatment for opiate addictions, co-occurring issues, trauma, and grief. We also provide Chemical Dependency Evaluations.
We feature group therapy for substance use, either outpatient or intense outpatient. Learn how to overcome your substance use from those who have been there. Live the recovery lifestyle!
Couple / Marital
We provide Couple and Marital counseling to help strengthen your relationship or to simply get you back on track. We know that couples struggle with issues from time to time. Come share your struggle so that we can help move you forward again.
The family is the basic foundational structure for learning about love, compassion, giving, receiving, and relationships. When this goes astray, many issues can cause the family to go sideways. Let us be your guide to problem resolution and positive growth.
We pride ourselves in providing the best possible outcomes for the individual, couple or family. We invest our time and effort into each client we see, and seek the best possible and practical outcome. What makes family a better vehicle for outcomes is the degree of accountability of family members and their behaviors.

CFTS Staff

why choose us

As alcoholics in recovery, we can assure you that we have dealt with addiction and dysfunction in our own family. We know and have lived first-hand the destruction of addiction on families and individuals. We know that recovery is a more effective form of treatment when there is family involvement. We have seen that mental health issues can be masked by addiction or trauma and we work with you to heal and recover. We want you to know that every minute that you are with us that you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion. You have our guarantee that we will be earnest in our care for you, and we hope that we can be the catalysts for change in your life!

Owner – John Hall, NCC, PLMHP, PLADC

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Come join our family and become part of a caring group that can help and nurture you through the tough times of life. We can show you how to incorporate principles to move you and your family forward in a better way!

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