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Our philosophy

Family Counseling consists of bringing in the family to work on imbalances within the system. We look at past history as well as using genograms to map family genealogy to unlock possible sources of generational emotional garbage that is passed down to the next generation. It is important that there is consistency in the family structure, and we know how to help achieve results. We are the catalysts to help the family to overcome any issue that it might face.

why choose us

As alcoholics in recovery, we can assure you that we have dealt with addiction and dysfunction in our own family. We know and have lived first-hand the destruction of addiction on families and individuals. We know that recovery is a more effective form of treatment when there is family involvement. We have seen that mental health issues can be masked by addiction or trauma and we work with you to heal and recover. We want you to know that every minute that you are with us that you will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion. You have our guarantee that we will be earnest in our care for you, and we hope that we can be the catalysts for change in your life!

Owner – John Hall, NCC, PLMHP, PLADC

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Come join our family and become part of a caring group that can help and nurture you through the tough times of life. We can show you how to incorporate principles to move you and your family forward in a better way!

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